After fourteen years of thorough research and development, and after having established not-for-profit foundations in both New York City and in Stuttgart, Germany, The Mendelssohn Project is now ready to put its vast array of arts activities into action. As is documented in this website, the music, and the lives and times of Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn have been vastly misunderstood and misinterpreted for over 150 years. Due to the 'work' of others in the mid-19th Century, there remain hundreds of unpublished and never-before-heard works by the two siblings. On top of that, 1000s of letters to and from the two remain unread by the public as well as hundreds of artworks painted by Felix Mendelssohn never having been seen. The Mendelssohn Project ("TMP") has set as its goal to reacquaint the world with these two masters of the 19th-Century.

Through private donations, TMP has already received over $300,000 for its research and development and to start its series of salon concerts. The salon concerts have played, and will continue to play, a vital role in TMP, but The Mendelssohn Project is about much more.   It is about exciting a mass world-wide audience into the thrilling and fascinating lives of Felix and Fanny.

TMP's marketing target is not limited to a classical audience. Through the various media concepts developed by TMP, a large cross-over appeal is expected to be generated, hence making The Mendelssohn Project a cutting edge, attractive, place for a company to become involved financially. And, as the 200th birthday year of Felix Mendelssohn approaches in 2009, global attention to matters 'Mendelssohn' will only continue to grow; and The Mendelssohn Project expects that growth to continue to burgeon well after the birthday year.

Below is a list of the various products which TMP has to offer. Each listed product is linked to its own page to provide those considering corporate sponsorship with more information into the exciting areas surrounding The Mendelssohn Project.


The Recordings of the Complete Works on CD

The Show, "Mendelssohn"

Salon Concerts

Classic Stage Concerts

Concerts in Churches and Synogogues

Multi-Media Concerts


Concerts in Europe

Print Materials

Reintroduction of Artworks

Publication of Unpublished Works

Publication of Letters

Film and Television Documentaries

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